At ϲʹַ, we want to help every student graduate. That means offering academic, personal and financial support at every point of a student’s path to their successful career. 

Scholarships are another way we work to make the ϲʹַ experience affordable for every student, so that they can graduate with as little debt as possible.


Why Apply?

Scholarships and Eligibility Requirements


First-Year Students (From ohio)

First-year students from Ohio are automatically considered for a number of merit scholarships at ϲʹַ. You can use this link to find information about those opportunities, eligibility, and other resources.

First-Year Students (From Outside of Ohio)

First-year students coming to ϲʹַ from outside of Ohio are automatically considered for various merit scholarships. You can use this link to find out about those offerings, eligibility, and access other resources.

Transfer Students

Transfer students may benefit from merit scholarships that are awarded automatically after you are admitted to ϲʹַ. Find out about eligibility and other opportunities.

International Students

Certain scholarships are available exclusively for international students. However, international students can also apply for additional scholarships offered by our colleges, our campuses and other sources.


Newly admitted and Returning ϲʹַ students can explore additional ϲʹַ and external scholarship opportunities through ScholarshipUniverse.

All Students

Tips & Tricks

We’ve made your scholarship search easier with these resources, but a successful search still takes time, energy and some work. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to get the answers you seek. You may have to fill out a lot of applications, but the effort is certainly worth the reward.

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Reminder: External Scholarships Must Be Reported

Students are welcome to bring any scholarship received from an external source to ϲʹַ — such as your high school, church, or employers, granted they will allow it. However, those scholarships must be reported.

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Consent and Confidentiality

First-year students who apply for admission for Fall 2024, by March 15, 2024, will automatically be considered for merit scholarships offered by the Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid. Students must be admitted by Dec. 1, 2023 to be considered for an invitation to apply to the Honors College. 

You must be a U.S. citizen, be admitted to a bachelor’s degree-granting major and plan to enroll full-time at the Kent Campus.

ϲʹַ makes every effort to provide accurate, timely and current information. However, the university reserves the right to change without notice any statement due to federal, state or institutional changes in policies, procedures or regulations.